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Primary Service Offerings

Group Facilitation

Groups engaged in serious problem-solving must be 100% present and activated to optimize each opportunity. Unlocking the full participation of an entire group and tapping into the unique intelligence of every single group member requires masterful facilitation. David is a master facilitator. Hundreds of leaders and teams have entrusted him with the task of navigating delicate, intricate, critical conversations in their search for innovative and sustainable solutions. David provides full facilitation services for short or long-term engagements to help understand and address complexity. A free initial consultation provides a chance to discuss options and assess fit.

Strategic Planning

Creating a plan that is not just tactical but strategic takes thoughtfulness, knowledge, and moxie. Doing all of this in a group, collaboratively, with people who have shared and divergent interests, requires tremendous discipline and fortitude - strategic planning is not for the faint of heart. David has led schools, family foundations, non-profits, and multi-stakeholder collaborations through over 30 strategic planning processes. DBC co-creates effective processes and robust plans with clients that integrate each organization's unique culture, aspirations, and approach. A free initial consultation provides a chance to discuss options and assess fit.


A great training is hard to find. Professional development workshops are all too often canned or prescriptive. David is dedicated to creating hands-on professional development workshops that meet the unique needs of the organizations or collaborations being served. He is highly regarded as a dynamic instructor who prioritizes learning by doing. Ample time is always spent tailoring sessions with clients. David offers one, two, and three-day workshops in Facilitation Mastery or Team Decision-Making. Sessions can accommodate small, medium, and large groups with diverse needs. A free initial consultation provides a chance to discuss options and assess fit.

Executive Coaching, Collaborative Team-Bulding, and Public Speaking

David also offers these three services in addition to the primary services detailed above. A free initial consultation will provide a chance to discuss these options and assess fit.