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David Barkan Consulting

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David Barkan has supported and strengthened mission-driven organizations since 1994

David Barkan Consulting is an organization development firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. DBC is dedicated to assisting institutions and collaborative ventures adapt, advance and thrive in the face of tough circumstances. For 25 years, David Barkan has worked in close partnership with individuals, groups, communities, and movements dedicated to social change and organizational excellence.

Specializing in the non-profit, governmental, educational, and philanthropic sectors, DBC has developed and refined its practices and expertise with hundreds of groups and thousands of people. Services in the following areas of specialization are sought from around the United States and beyond: Group Facilitation, Strategic Planning, Training and Capacity-Building, Coaching, Team Development, and Public Speaking. All services are tailored carefully to the needs of individual clients.

This consultancy works closely with people, teams, and organizations who seek expert support to face their most daunting challenges and capitalize on their greatest assets and opportunities.



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